As you grow older you realize and accept that there are definite chapters in your life that end all too soon. And although we share many of the same experiences, each chapter in your book of life differs from all others. This past week I closed the door on another chapter. For many years I was part of a small group of friends that met every Saturday morning for breakfast at the hospital – good food and a quiet place that we could sit and visit as long as we wished. It was a diverse band of friends to say the least. “Happy” Ibry, our elder philanthropist, was a man known by many for his constant efforts to help people in need, especially children at Christmas. John Laws was a well-known pharmacist that touched the lives of many in this community and was one of the most notable “river rats” in this area. “Pipe” Dismukes could barbeque, smoke, roast, or grill anything you gave him and make it taste like the angels brought it down from Heaven. Dr. Selden Lambert, one of the first Forensic Psychologists in the South and published author, did her best to keep us a respectable bunch! Fleet Reichle always kept the conversation lively and also blessed us with his cooking skills. And then there was me….the youngest of the group who listened intently and learned from the masters. With the passing of Fleet this past week, I am, as they say, the last man standing. I will forever miss these friends and the impact and diversity they brought into my life. Who knows….maybe one day a new group will rise up and once again I will be in the midst of a small, select group of close friends who accept you for who you are and encourage you in life, but most of all set an example of how life should be lived. Proverbs 17:17 tells us that a friend loves at all times. Indeed they do. May you be blessed with such people in your life, and more importantly, may you be that friend for someone.