As we are rapidly approaching the close of another year, I give thought about what I should do to be a better Christian and example for others. I once saw a bumper sticker that said “Start With Me God,” and this simple statement made me do some serious thinking. As a commitment of what I can do to improve my walk with God, I wrote the following prayer for me to use daily along with my other prayers.

Gracious and loving God,

Thank you for…..
Your presence.
Jesus Christ, who gave His life so that I
may have eternal life.
Your Word.
The Holy Spirit.
All the many blessings You have
bestowed upon me, especially the
ones I forget.
Family and friends who love and
support me.
A church family that strives to place
you first in all things.
The opportunity to serve You.

Forgive me for….
My sins that cause me to stray.
Failing to help others in need.
Not listening to those who long to be heard.
Not seeking you in all things.
Not spreading the Word as You have

Give me strength…..
When I am weak and need healing.
When Satan leads me to places I
should not go.
When Satan uses others to make me
stray from my walk with You.
To attack all evils that are “of the
To be the Christian I am called to be in
a world that does not seek you.
Start with me God!

These things I ask in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior,

If you think this prayer will help you too, please use it. And….I encourage you to write your own personal, intentional prayer that will help you be who God wants you to be.