Been thinking again, and at the possibility of being deemed as politically incorrect, I have some thoughts I just need to share. We have become a nation and world that thinks we need to soften our perfectly good words and phrases to make people more accepting. I’m talking specifically about our current state of quarantine or social distancing. But, I guess whatever you need to hear as long as you respond to and adhere to this important call to stay put is good! As I began to think this through, I realized that we have been social distancing for many years and did not really know what it was. When I was growing up in Columbus, we lived in neighborhoods and had neighbors and friends that we saw every day and depended on them in so many ways. I fondly remember all the families and friends that impacted my life growing up. I could name names, but if you are reading this, you know who you are. Somewhere in our past, our society started social distancing. We isolated ourselves from neighbors and friends as we became a more mobile nation. I miss the days when I would get very excited because often on Sunday afternoons, we would go as a family to visit friends. The kids in our neighborhood had clubs, played outdoor games, camped out in backyard tents, spent the night together, and had intentional contact. But then this precursor to our confinement today, social distancing crept into our lives. My prayer is that when we come out of our current situation, stronger than ever, that we will remember days gone by and make an intentional effort to connect with others. We were created to be social, not distanced!

– Curtis

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