Sleepless nights create the time for us to think about why things happen in life. In our solitude and surrounded by the quiet of darkness, we are forced to acknowledge that there are times in life when the whole foundation of our lives have been rocked. Too often these times may come when we least expect them, are not ready, or simply do not want to accept them. It is those times that we must remember that God is in control. It is those times that our faith and trust in His love are tested. And although we may wonder why our plans are dismantled, we must never forget that God’s plans are never wrong and He never leaves us alone – He is always the one constant in a world that never ceases to change. Depend on His strength when you are not able to carry the weight of this world. Rest in His peace knowing that He can when you cannot. Now is the time to…. Be still and know that He is God.