So, for those who do not know this individual, he is Dickie Gossett, and he has given me permission to use his picture.  Dickie is 84 years old and is the epitome of contentment.  Especially during these times, we must strive to be content not complacent.  When you are content, you have joy and satisfaction in the midst of your situation in life which might not be the best.  So many people become complacent and accept where they are with no effort to find joy, but just exist.  Dickie lives to enjoy life and see the best in all those he encounters.  He has a strong belief in the Lord and is the first one at Shaeffer’s Chapel every Sunday morning – usually an hour and a half before the service starts.  He gets there to make sure “things” are right and ready for those coming to worship.  He will readily tell you his life beliefs came from being raised by his aunts at the death of his mother; he and his siblings were separated and sent in different directions.  His upbringing taught him to be thankful for simple things, what you have, and the people placed in his life.

In the midst of our current isolation, Dickie recently told me he never thought he would see the day he wanted a haircut so badly – and he is not alone!  This past weekend his son Mark came to check on him and cut his hair – not as a professional, but as one honoring the request of his father even though he was nothing close to being a barber.   His daughter sent me this picture, and just look at that smile again!  Dickie told me he had never appreciated a haircut this much before. And although it was not up to the standards of a trained professional, he was excited, pleased, and content.

I know that many of you have achieved this same state of contentment as we wait patiently, but please, do not become complacent.  We can and will get through this difficult time with the help of God.   Philippians 4:11 says, “Not that I am referring to being in need; for I have learned to be content with whatever I have.” I encourage you to use this time to renew your faith and wait patient and contently for our return to normalcy.