We live in a world where independence and individuality are preached by many. But working with others is necessary and important, even in our differences. As a Christian I must consider how remarkable it is that Jesus’ twelve disciples worked so well together, especially considering the significant differences between them. Philip was a scholar. Matthew was a tax collector, so the others would have considered him a traitor to his people. Simon (the Canaanite) was a member of a nationalist group, the Zealots. Judas Iscariot was not even from Galilee, but was an out-of-towner who most likely brought his own customs into the group. The differences go on and on. With all that diversity, you have to know that it was something wonderful that bound them together. And we do know that it was the work of the Lord that used their differences to mold them into a cohesive group wanting to accomplish His work.

Not unlike the days of Jesus’ ministry, God uses ordinary people today. God doesn’t always use the most talented people. He certainly doesn’t use the most beautiful people. God doesn’t even use the most articulate people. God uses ordinary people like the disciples, and like you and me. Each of us is called to serve in our own special way to help build the Kingdom. But the combined strength in our diverse talents will make our whole effort much stronger as we seek to do His will.