These past couple of months I have lost several older, wise, mentors that have impacted not only my life, but others in so many ways. Yesterday, I officiated the funeral of Mrs. Carolyn Guist, a true saint that graced this earth for 95 years. Mrs. Carolyn was married for many years to Mr. Simon, a Romanian immigrant who fled Nazi Europe at age 16 to come to America to join the military and become one of the youngest, most successful “spies” who infiltrated the German military and Nazi party – but that is another story for another day because today belongs to Mrs. Carolyn. She was a “song bird” if there ever was one; had the most genuine, warm smile; and loved life and people to the fullest. I can truly say that I never heard her say the least of a harsh word about anyone. But her singing, choir directing skills, and love of the Lord were most obvious. And she sang until she could no more! She served as our Choir Director at Shaeffer’s Chapel when we were in need when she was in her early eighties. Her voice had faded some, but her enthusiasm and love of God far out shined any voice changes. And I say with love and respect that in those years she taught us what “making a joyful noise” meant. One of the saddest moments in my ministry and church life came one day when a grumpy, old soul cornered me and asked why I did not get a “real song leader.” I was quick to inform him that if he had just a little of her commitment and love for the Lord, that our church and God’s Kingdom would be so much better off! I will dearly miss her and the great visits we would have in her last few years. But now she in not bound by earthly problems, but is in Heaven “singing up a storm” as we say in the South. I can just hear her and Mr. Simon harmonizing as they praise God. And…someday I hope they will let me join in.