One of my favorite prophets in all the Bible is John the Baptist. This cousin of Jesus was the first true prophet in over 400 years of Biblical history. And, when he came on the scene, he came with a vengeance. He was different, but people still came to hear him. His words were harsh telling people they were sinners and needed repentance. He did not shy away from belittling Herod and the religious leaders of the day. And for this, he was eventually beheaded by Herod as a gift to his daughter. Today we live in a nation that allows religious freedom in worship and speech. Yet, unlike John, too often we do shy away from telling people about the Gospel. We may not live in the desert, wear camel hair, and eat locusts and honey, but as Christians we must carry the same message! Although we are called to be different, we do not have to physically stand out in a crowd. But…never be mistaken, our actions must be true to our faith. May we find strength from the actions of John. Matthew 28:19.