I passed a man standing by the side of the road with a sign asking for money. Traffic was busy and the police were there, so I did not stop. It reminded me that as we journey through life we encounter many different people that need our help. So, what do we do with people that we struggle to accept, especially those God put in our path? The second greatest commandment of all is ”love your neighbor as yourself.” Therein lies the problem. Instead of loving all like Jesus does, we pick and choose who is worthy of our love. Many people serve others in this community, but we do it for different reasons. Some love all. Some want to help others in need. And there are some who will serve out of a sense of obligation but then pass judgment on the people they are helping; you know what they say. Here’s what I tell folks who ask me about helping those that they feel are a burden on society or playing the system: We are called to help those in need. If they are using us to gain, we will let the good Lord sort that out. Now, we are not to be naïve as Christians, but we are supposed to love all. We may not have money to give to everyone, but as Christians we can give Jesus and His love that all need. Don’t take my word for it……take a minute to look at Acts 3: 1-10. Then, you decide.