I have taken these last few days and weeks to think more about life and how we choose to live. In this process, for some reason I have become more keenly aware of all the warning signs that we encounter daily. Signs that remind us that we had better take note and proceed cautiously, if at all. Then my mind was drawn to think about all the things we do with our lives that we should avoid. Wouldn’t it be great if every sin and temptation of this world was preceded with a bright, neon, flashing sign that says “Danger: Stay Away”? Maybe not all that we see visibly, but God does give us signs to make us think, hopefully move closer to Him, and away from danger. We get signs from our family who encourage us to avoid the pitfalls of life. We get signs from our friends. We get signs from being a part of a Godly fellowship of believers. And, most of all we get signs from reading and being in His Word. All of these signs are wonderful, but only to the extent that we heed their warning. In John 16, Jesus said “I have said these things to you to keep you from stumbling.” Listen or not – your choice will determine the events that shape the rest of your life, earthly and beyond.