I had a restless night last night as I struggled with thoughts that make me realize that aging is something that we all hope we have to deal with, especially when you consider the alternative. Just like many of my younger friends, I am at a point in life where I am looking at major decisions that will set the direction for the rest of my life, one that by modern standards may give me 15-20 more good years if I am one of the lucky ones. One of my dear Christian friends, Mrs. Fannie Gerhart, who lived to be 93, told me in the latter years of her life that “growing old is hell.” And she meant it. Recently I have come more fully to understand what she meant. It is one thing to grow old physically, but for me, it is much harder mentally. I am viewed by friends of all ages and by society differently with each year that I add to my life. The primary problems I face daily are that my life and beliefs today are based on my past. To many younger people I’m seen to be resistant to change and often laughed at behind my back. But I must hold fast to who I am. So, these days my prayer has to be that I am true to God and then myself. I also pray that I can continue to be a positive influence in the life of others as old and young alike navigate this tricky journey we call life. Pray for me as I will for all of you as we seek to do all things through Christ Jesus. If His will is done through us, it does not matter what others think.