Four simple words have lingered in my mind in recent days. “Let Go, Let God.” I know a young man that is being tortured emotionally by the inability to let go of a bad situation that happened years ago. His thoughts are consumed with “what ifs”, and in reality, his life is on hold because of his unwillingness to find peace that should come from his belief that God can heal and comfort us in all situations that life throws at us. It takes faith that some do not understand to believe, but it takes an even stronger faith to let God have control of our lives. Our free will dictates that both good and bad will come our way. We readily accept the good, but often refuse to face and let go of bad things, even with the help of God and others. Others you say? Absolutely! If you are being held back from enjoying life to the fullest because of something that you will not let go, at a minimum please seek someone you love and respect to help you move forward with your life. God uses people to help us in times of distress. And, if you know someone struggling, please be there for them and if needed, lead them to someone more prepared to help them reclaim the joy of life. You just may be the intervention that God has planned.