How many times have you heard the phrase “Bloom where you are planted”? This young sunflower is a perfect example of that saying. Its seed is from our bird feeder and fell into this hanging pot that held the remnants of a beautiful summer flower that has now wilted away. I saw the sunflower emerging several weeks ago and decided to watch and see what happens. Well…you are looking at the results of my patience – a beautiful sunflower blooming out of season in a place it was never intended to be. Many people think the phrase “bloom where you are planted” is from Biblical scripture, but it is not. It appears to have its origin in an old Celtic saying. Although not Biblical, there are many scriptures that have the same underlying meaning. God gives us all we need to bloom wherever we find ourselves! So, the next time you feel like you are at a place in your life that you do not want to be, don’t just survive, but thrive and let the world see the light and beauty of Christ shine through you. I promise people will take note and want to be like you and maybe even Jesus.