What a week! Looking back, this past week might have been one that could be described with the words “shock and awe” – not in military terms but simply that we were stunned and amazed at the things that happened. Living in the South, where football reigns this time of year, especially SEC football, we should never be surprised, but we were. In one week: Ole Miss beat Mississippi State when the odds were against it and not expected; Auburn scared Alabama seriously and Alabama won in the fourth overtime; and prominent coaches are leaving and being fired everyday. Yet, we know that life goes on and is not dictated by a game, or at least I hope we do. You see, God is still in control and you are still alive with a world of wonder before you. As we leave a week behind that challenged us in so many ways, may we look forward to the celebration of the weeks to come. Advent is waiting for us – the season where we wait expectantly in preparation for the celebration of Christmas morning. If just for a few minutes today, leave the world and all it is throwing at you behind, sit quietly, and think about the one thing that should matter most in your life. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only son.” John 1:14