After celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending the past few days with family and friends, last night Pam and I decided to slow down and put together a new puzzle. I love cats, so the one we chose was very appropriate. We worked diligently and finished it in about three hours. Beautiful, right? But what is the first thing your eyes go to? There is a piece missing. I don’t know why, but too often new, unopened puzzles are missing a piece! It keeps the picture from being whole. Since it was Christmas and I always look at things through my pastoral eyes, this incomplete puzzle made me think that this is like our lives, especially without Jesus. Without Him, we are not complete, have something missing in our lives, and it is usually obvious to others. Do you keep Him in your life every day? God is glad that we celebrate His Son’s birth, but what God is more interested in is what this child means to you every day of your life. How does a child born in a manger over 2000 years ago change your life? He was born a Savior that came to affect your life – every day. So, fill that hole in your life with the only One who can make you truly complete!