Our country is on the verge of the possibility of a political revolution and now war in Europe that can dismantle and change the freedoms we enjoy forever. Nobody wants to think that a government or leader could possibly decide to kill innocent citizens but under communist rule it has and does happen. And for those who tend to question posts of this nature, the number of people that Stalin was responsible for killing is confirmed to be 20 million on the low end up to 60 million. An article published by the Wall Street Journal, a very credible source, on November 6, 2017, states that 100 million people have been killed in Russia in the last 100 years under communist control. And beyond his own borders, Putin is now seizing the opportunity of what he sees as a weak America military supported by weak leaders to advance his empire. Many more will die because of his actions. Pray that this effort to take over the world will be stopped and that those advocating Communistic ideals in our country will be defeated. Wake up America before it is too late!