One of my most treasured books in my personal library is an 1890 Book of Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Upon seeing my collection of old religious books in my home library, a young person once asked me why I wanted them. That made me remember that I collect old books because if we ever forget from where we came, I believe we will lose sight of where we should be going. Visiting the past through these old writings reminds me that although the thoughts and even doctrines of men have changed, the Word of God has remained true and unaltered. We are told and encouraged by the world to abandon the archaic beliefs and ways of man, and while that can be true at times, we need to reflect on how these have shaped our world and lives and brought us to our place today. But most of all, we must embrace the Word as we struggle to find the answers needed in a changing world. As Christians we believe Jesus to be the Word. May we be strengthened by Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”