The celebration of Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter morning is gone. Or is it? Just like we do after Christmas, all too soon we pack away our celebration of the resurrection of Christ Jesus until next year. God has never asked us to do that, nor will He ever, but the world calls us to do that. God calls us to do otherwise. You see, the possibility for our eternal life began on that day. Easter should live in our hearts every day! We should greet each morning with the desire to serve our risen LORD. We must put the things of the world in their proper perspective as we seek to live the life that He calls us to do. We must celebrate the brief life we have been given here with anticipation of things to come. Although we are called to be His hands and feet in His world, we are bombarded by people and things that try to pull us from His grasp. We must hold fast to Him. Daily we must look to the cross and more so, that empty tomb, to keep us focused on Who’s we are and Whom we serve! Take another look. The tomb was empty, and your heart was filled with His love, grace, and mercy. He is risen, indeed! Love Him, seek Him, serve Him, and others will be drawn to Him! I pray that your example will influence a multitude of people to find Him as they watch your Christian journey. And never forget, we are Easter People all year long!