Earlier this week I posted my comment that “Convenient Christianity is one of the strongest weapons in Satan’s arsenal.” I had two different young people ask me what I meant by this, so allow me to explain my thoughts. We live in a world where some people try to take the easy way out in many areas of their life, especially their Christian faith. We want to do as we want; we do not want to take responsibility or have accountability. Many want to reserve Sunday as the day to be “churched.” And even then, we often go to a service that makes us feel comfortable, not one that makes us face and challenge our commitment to Christ Jesus. We see nice people, have nice conversations, and present ourselves to be holy. And if we do this, we think we can live any way we want the rest of the week. If we want to hurt someone during the week, we do. If we want to run away from those in need, we do. If we want to party with the wrong crowd, we do. If we want to do things that we hope our Christian friends do not find out, we do. Convenient Christianity negates my testimony and ability to be an example for others. As Christians we must always live our life for Him, and not just when it is convenient for us. – Curtis