We go through life and are impacted greatly at certain points while we spend many days just getting by. Every year about this time we honor our graduates for their accomplishments and their achievements in school. Graduation is a big deal whether it is from kindergarten, high school, community college, or a university. You work hard at all levels to learn and be recognized, and life beyond our formal education is no different. We work hard to excel and be the best we can be in our chosen field or vocation. And, our Christian growth is no different. Some of us start our Christian education at an early age while others jump in at different points in our life. No matter when you make the commitment to accept Christ, your goal must be to learn, grow in your faith, and one day graduate from this earth with the highest honor of becoming a saint in heaven. We must give our all to God just as He gave everything to us through His Son. Some of us are closer to our eternal graduation than others…..but no matter your age, now is the time to study hard, love everyone as commanded, build His Kingdom, make disciples, and do your part to transform the world through Christ Jesus. The world is waiting for you to share what you have learned!