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Easter is upon us once again. We must keep Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection at the center of this eternal celebration. But we are also rejuvenated by the coming of spring, new growth, and a regeneration of the earth after a hard winter and an even longer


Holy Week

Holy Week….. What does that mean to you, if anything? If you are a Christian it should mean everything. This is the week that changed your life forever, literally. This is the week that Jesus, in His humble glory, walked undeterred to the cross so that you

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Lent Is A Journey

Lent is a time to pause and reflect, a time to seek repentance. It is a time for us to do our best to be more like Jesus. To achieve that, we must decide for ourselves who He is and what that means to us. In Matthew

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We can choose what we focus on. We can choose to focus on our trials, our enemies, our regrets, and our mistakes. Or we can choose to focus on Jesus, who gives us strength for our trials, compassion for our enemies, encouragement for our regrets, and forgiveness


Abundant Life

Jesus said in John 10:10, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." Abundant life! Not a ho-hum or mediocre life, but an abundant life! Think about this as you continue your Lenten journey that does not end at the cross, but at an

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Listening for God

As I sit here this early morning thinking about the last year, and realizing that our initial introduction to this pandemic shut down was almost exactly a year ago, I look back with some trepidation that I did not accomplish all that I wanted to or complete

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Let the Little Children Come to Me

This. Picture. Says. It. All. This picture was taken at one of our last in-sanctuary worship services before the first major COVID shut down last Spring. I had just finished my Young Disciples time down front with our children and sent them off to Sunday School. As

Let the Little Children Come to Me2021-03-05T23:38:25+00:00

What About You?

Yesterday was the second Sunday in Lent. Just a quick reminder that Lent is a time to pause and reflect, a time to seek repentance. It is a time for us to do our best to be more like Jesus. To achieve that, we must decide for

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I Know The Plans

In my studies last night, my mind took me to the prophet Jeremiah who was known as the “weeping” prophet. He is usually known for the Old Testament Book of his namesake, but he also wrote the Books of Kings and the Book of Lamentations. As a

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Ash Wednesday

What exactly is “Ash Wednesday”? Where does it come from? It’s not in the Bible, obviously. But some of its ideas are. Ash Wednesday has its origins in the early Christian Church – somewhere between the sixth and eight centuries. Originally, the idea was that a Christian,

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