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As we are rapidly approaching the close of another year, I give thought about what I should do to be a better Christian and example for others. I once saw a bumper sticker that said “Start With Me God,” and this simple statement made me do some


Jesus Wept

These past two weeks have been some of my hardest days in my many years of ministry, but my sadness and lack of understanding does not compare to the families that were impacted by the tragic accident that took the lives of three young adults and critically

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Combined Talent

We live in a world where independence and individuality are preached by many. But working with others is necessary and important, even in our differences. As a Christian I must consider how remarkable it is that Jesus’ twelve disciples worked so well together, especially considering the significant

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Are You Content?. A day does not go by that I do not have a conversation with someone whose life is being affected by their lack of contentment in their life. Everyday. And with each conversation I have to remind myself that there is a difference in


Holy Week

Holy Week….. What does that mean to you, if anything? If you are a Christian it should mean everything. This is the week that changed your life forever, literally. This is the week that Jesus, in His humble glory, walked undeterred to the cross so that you

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Friends Are Forever

As you grow older you realize and accept that there are definite chapters in your life that end all too soon. And although we share many of the same experiences, each chapter in your book of life differs from all others. This past week I closed the

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Prayer in the Senate

Prayer in the Mississippi Senate Yesterday I was invited to lead the opening prayer for The Mississippi Senate. And I am glad that this practice is still observed. However, I was questioned by several about how and why this was legal and allowed. Back in 2014 the

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