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Well…yesterday way my last Sunday in the pulpit at Shaeffer’s Chapel UMC as an Elder in the UMC. I am officially retiring and quickly moving into that unknown state of retirement. Someone once said that “Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning


Finding Peace

Looking in the rear view mirror on the pandemic, our nation is in the grips of an even greater issue. As I continue to try to understand all the things that are happening in our country and the world today, the looming question that will not leave

Finding Peace2022-06-08T18:19:32+00:00


We go through life and are impacted greatly at certain points while we spend many days just getting by. Every year about this time we honor our graduates for their accomplishments and their achievements in school. Graduation is a big deal whether it is from kindergarten, high


Look For Him

Last week as I settled in for the evening, I decided to rewatch “Forrest Gump” for the umpteenth time. This movie has more truth in it than most movies and entertains at the same time. No matter how many times you see it, you will probably catch

Look For Him2022-05-12T17:23:37+00:00

Let Go, Let God

Earlier this week I posted my comment that “Convenient Christianity is one of the strongest weapons in Satan’s arsenal.” I had two different young people ask me what I meant by this, so allow me to explain my thoughts. We live in a world where some people

Let Go, Let God2022-04-27T17:21:36+00:00

Easter Every Day

The celebration of Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter morning is gone. Or is it? Just like we do after Christmas, all too soon we pack away our celebration of the resurrection of Christ Jesus until next year. God has never asked us to do that,

Easter Every Day2022-04-20T17:37:39+00:00

Holy Week

Holy Week….. What does that mean to you, if anything? If you are a Christian it should mean everything. This is the week that changed your life forever, literally. This is the week that Jesus, in His humble glory, walked undeterred to the cross so that you

Holy Week2022-04-15T15:27:31+00:00

Pleasing Others

Life is hard. Life is difficult. Life is not fair. All statements that can set the mood of your mind and your future. The Evil One has an insidious way of creeping these thoughts into your mind, and his purpose is to detract you from realizing and

Pleasing Others2022-04-15T15:29:09+00:00

By Their Actions

Easter is less than three weeks away. As I sit here this early morning and think about the action that Jesus took for us, I am led to wonder if we ever fully realize the impact of His life and death. Rarely, if ever, are we as

By Their Actions2022-03-30T18:30:36+00:00

My Foundation

This is the result of church folks when there's no spiritual foundation! Many people are dying a slow spiritual death because their hope lies in the traditions of the church only, and not in JESUS! Be sure that your relationship is with Jesus, not a building! Make

My Foundation2022-03-23T20:42:40+00:00
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