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Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to connect with a good friend that moved away years ago. Although we have, as they say, stayed in touch, we had not had the chance to really visit and catch up. We may be reliving the


Ordinary People

We live in a world where independence and individuality are preached by many. But working with others is necessary and important, even in our differences. As a Christian I must consider how remarkable it is that Jesus’ twelve disciples worked so well together, especially considering the significant

Ordinary People2021-09-16T16:15:27+00:00

Be Transformed

As much as I like to be outside and working in my garden and flower beds when my schedule permits, this extremely hot weather forces me inside and provides time for thinking and study. Lately my thoughts have moved me to consider all the ways we are

Be Transformed2021-09-11T23:22:44+00:00

I Have Decided

Those of us who profess to be Christians need to deny ourselves and live the life that Jesus gave us as an example. There can be no misunderstanding…..we Christians are called to deny self. That is one of the hardest concepts that we want to grasp. It

I Have Decided2021-09-11T23:24:31+00:00


I have thought a great deal recently about the other gods we serve in our lives, not the only GOD. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see on FB or the internet stories and tales of people serving everything but the


Be True

One of my favorite prophets in all the Bible is John the Baptist. This cousin of Jesus was the first true prophet in over 400 years of Biblical history. And, when he came on the scene, he came with a vengeance. He was different, but people still

Be True2021-08-24T20:58:00+00:00

Foolish Builder

Recently I saw some impressive construction underway, and I remembered a similar happening many years ago during one summer of studies at Emory/Chandler School of Theology COS in Atlanta. I was awed by the vast amount of construction that was taking place on the Emory University Campus.

Foolish Builder2021-08-19T21:15:46+00:00

The Way

One of the highlights of my Holy Pilgrimages was seeing the resting site of the bones of James, the brother of Jesus, at the cathedral in Santiago, Spain, after hiking fourteen days on the Camino del Santiago (The Way). The Book of James is a wonderful lesson

The Way2021-08-19T21:17:36+00:00

Do Not Speak Evil

I recently had a talk with someone that is always hyper critical of others. It would seem that this person gets up every morning and decides who to gossip about and in the process destroy that person or at a minimum bring judgment because they do not

Do Not Speak Evil2021-08-12T23:23:07+00:00

Throw the First Stone

Recently during worship before Communion, I talked about the need for each of us to examine ourselves before we approach the Table of the LORD. There are ways that we should come, and ways we should not come. I reminded our folks about Paul’s charge to the

Throw the First Stone2021-08-12T23:24:57+00:00
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