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Psalms 72

psalm 72 addresses earthly kings & our heavenly king! David’s son (Solomon) is praying to God and asking that He gives justice and righteousness to an earthly king! Solomon reminded me tonight that i serve the king of kings and He is filled with goodness, justice, and

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Are You Willing?

Those of us who profess to be Christians need to deny ourselves and live the life that Jesus gave us as an example. There can be no misunderstanding…..we Christians are called to deny self.  That is one of the hardest concepts that we want to grasp.  It

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Ordinary People

We live in a world where independence and individuality are preached by many. But working with others is necessary and important, even in our differences. As a Christian I must consider how remarkable it is that Jesus’ twelve disciples worked so well together, especially considering the significant

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Good Friends

Sunday afternoon my phone rang, and it showed a call coming in from Wales. My heart quickened a little because I instinctively knew what I was preparing to hear. The call was from Jennifer Morland, daughter of Jackie Ford, my lifelong friend. Just as I had thought

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Faith That Works

This past Sunday my sermon was based on scriptures from the Book of James, the brother of Jesus. The entire book is a wonderful lesson on what it takes to have real faith and be a caring Christian. James tells us that a real faith controls the

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When one of God’s children stumbles or even worse falls long and hard, it is difficult to watch. And, in addition to claiming the failure of a child of God, Satan and all his demons rejoice with their own victory when people who call themselves Christians laugh


Enjoy His Bounty

In the last week we have been seeing a multitude of posts about harvesting vegetables from gardens. And, Pam and I are among those so lucky. Each day we are eating fresh tomatoes (3 kinds), zucchini, yellow squash, onions, jalapeno peppers, sweet peppers, cucumbers (3 types), green

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Micah 6:8

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, our nation is in the grips of an even greater issue. As I continue to try to understand and move forward from the death of George Floyd and all the questions that surround it, the looming question that will not

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Pray for ALL

Last night as I sat quietly thinking about the day and all that God has put before each of us to accomplish, I prayed for those I know are in need of healing and comfort. And, then I remembered a verse that I studied intently in seminary

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Thursday Thoughts

Today marks the 62nd day since we have been socially engaged together in one space with friends. And as I read the reports, watch the news, and try to interpret guidelines coming down from church leaders on high, I have an uncomfortable fear that this is far

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